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Om swastiastu, friends and customers!

Covid19 has been tough on us here in Bali, Indonesia, during #socialdistancing and #dirumahaja. But we still have our spirit high and kicking it at Rojo's to serve comfort breakfast as we always do.

We're eager to welcome you back, but it's always a good decision to wait for things to settle down and travel restriction to be lifted. Meanwhile, you can support us by purchasing Rojo's Breakfast e-voucher with the price Rp 70.000 you can get 2 pcs e-Voucher 50.000. e-Voucher is valid for 1 year.

For those who are currently living or staying in Bali, you can always use this voucher for your delivery order. #BeliDuluan

Here are other special things you'll get along with your purchase:

  1. You can use this for food & beverage, including combos
  2. You can redeem this through delivery or come to our outlet
  3. If you buy this gift card for your friends or family, kindly mention your name. We won't leave you unnoticed!
  4. If you buy this gift card for yourself, your friend's or family's birthday, you'll get a free cinnamon roll when you redeem it!

This purchase would mean so much for us and we are grateful to be able to keep doing what we're doing best, thanks to you!

Stay well and healthy until we see you again!

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